Thursday, June 14, 2012

Love In Miami {2/2}

Love In Miami (Part II)

The next morning, Drake & Nicki were asleep peacefully in the king-sized bed as Nicki's phone beeped.

Nicki woke outta her sleep to answer her phone, while Drake on the other hand was knocked out.

"Damn, he sure is a deep sleeper" she thought to herself.

Nicki grabbed one of his oversized OVO shirts & walked out onto the balcony.


"Hey girl!" Lauren jeered.

"Hey Laur!" Nicki smiled.

"So I just wanna know, did ya'll fuck last night? Cause I got your car & I noticed, how are you gonna get back here?

"Um, get back where?" She was confused.

Lauren was blunt. "Ok its obvious that he's fucked your brains out that you only remember his name, but not where your hotel is." She shook her head.

"I know where my hotel is Lauren. Drizzy's bringing me home." Nicki said smiling.

"You calling him Drizzy, if I didn't say so myself, you guys obviously had sex last night. Ooh girl give me details!" Lauren said with excitement.

"Oh my god Laur, it was the fucking best! He had me in places I never felt before in my whole life. Had me calling his name & everything. Screaming, yelling was all he heard from me. Probably why he so knocked out." She giggled.

Lauren laughed. "Aww poor baby, you must've been too much to handle."

"Uh uh, I should be the one sleeping, not him. Like he really did put a number on me last night. He just pleased me to the max."

"Ooh so are you going to return the favor?

Nicki bit her lip. "I might as well, he deserves it."

"Well girl, gon on ahead & make that man yours!"

"He is all mines now" she smiled.

"Well go head girl!" Lauren snapped her.fingers.

Nicki laughed. "Yes, we are officialy together now."

Lauren smiled. "Aww you guys are so cute. I hope you stay together long enough to get married & have children one day."

"Me too." She smiled.

Just as Nicki was finishing up her conversation with Lauren, she heard the balcony door open. Drake stood there shirtless with pajamas on, smiling at Nicki.

Nicki turned around to see him & smiled.

"Lauren, my baby's awake now. Talk to ya later. k? Bye."

Nicki walked over to Drake, holding her arms around his neck.

"Morning baby" she smiled as she pecked his lips.

"Morning to you" he smiled.

"Ooh I see somebody's freshened up."

Drake held her around the waist, slowly rubbing down to her ass.

"Yeah. Do you know how good you look wearing my t-shirt? He licked his lips.

"Damn good! I gotta tell you this OVO shit go hard!"

"Damn right, you gotta rep that OVOXO no matter what."

Nicki looked him in the eyes. "I want to rep Mr. OVO" she winked.

Drake smiled. "Fine with me"

"Think you can get me a pink tee with gold writing?"

"Whatever you want, I can make it happen." He pecked her on the lips.

"Thanks baby." She smiled.

"I'm hungry Nicki" he nibbled on her earlobe.

Nicki bit her lip. "What do you want to eat?" She said lustfullly.

"Something sweet"

"Like?" She moaned.

"You" he licked his lips.

Nicki leaned in to kiss him as she lightly pushed him in the chest.

"Hold on lover boy, wait till I freshen up" she ran back into the room as Drake followed behind her.

"Aight, but don't take too long" he sat on the bed.

"Alright" she yelled.

Soon as Nicki came out the shower, she saw Drake laying up against the headboard of the bed. She used this as her que to get him.

Nicki walked over to the middle of the floor, facing the bed as she started fiddling with the end of her towel.

"Put on some music baby" she said with lust in her voice.

Drake couldn't help for staring at her body as he reached for the remote.

"What do you want me to play?"

Nicki stood there as she held her hand to her chin.

"Hmm, lets go with Practice" she smiled.

"Aight then" he cut the music on as he layed back on the headboard with his arms across his head.

The music started as Nicki swayed her hips back & forth, smiling at Drake.

When she heard Drake's voice, she immediately turned around, shaking her ass, turning Drake on to the max.

The chorus came & she started twerking, towel still on & everything.

She turned back around to Drake smiling as she let the towel drop, showing her curvaceous body.

Drake looked her up & down with lust in his eyes as he immediately got up & went to where she was.

Nicki bit her lip as he went behind her ass, making her feel his dick getting hard. This turned her on even more. She bent down low as he rubbed her ass, smacking it. Nicki got back up looking him in the eyes as he leaned in & kissed her.

She moaned softly as his warm & wet toungue slid into her mouth. He picked her up on her legs as he took her to the bed, never breaking the kiss.

He gently laid her down kissing her all over as he went down to her sweet spot.

"Mmmm, baby" Nicki moaned.

She gripped the sheets as her knees went in the air, giving Drake more access.

He sucked her juices as if if he was eating a delicious fruit.

Drake then inserted two skilled fingers in her as he played with her clit.
Nicki rubbed her breasts as she moaned his name.

"Ohhhhhhh Drake!" She yelled .

She came as he licked his fingers clean of her juices. Drake smacked her ass.

Nicki bit her lip. "Lemme get on top Drizzy" she said seductively.

"Oh you finally wanna ride this huh?" He laughed.

"Hell fucking yeah!" Nicki grabbed a condom, putting it over his shaft.

Drake leaned up. "Right" he smirked.

Nicki lightly pushed him down. "Nigga don't be getting cocky" she laughed.

"I'm ready to ride this? He said in his deep baritone voice.

"Yes!" Nicki got on top as she started to wind slowly on him, creating a rhythm with her hips.

She could feel him all inside of her as she rubbed her clit, arching her back.

"Oh fuck Drake!" She bounced up & down on him as he held her hips, stroking her faster then ever.

"Oh my god. Oh oh oh oh ohhh Drizzy! Ba-ba-babyyy, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, oh fuck!" She screamed.

Nicki came as Drake rolled her over, kissing her on the lips. She smiled dreamily.

"You were good baby" he whispered.

"I know, I'm the best you ever had." She winked.

"You got that right. I'll be back." Drake went to throw away the condom & relieve himself.

Nicki sat on the bed as she covered her chest with the covers.

"Drake?" She yelled.

"Yeah?" He yelled back.

"What show you have tonight?"

Drake came out from the bathroom. "Detroit." He got back in the bed. "Why you ask?"

Nicki played with the ends of the cover."Cause I'm your number 1 fan & would love to see your show tonight." She smiled sweetly showing her dimples.

Drake looked at her & smiled. "You want to come with me? We riding the tour bus, but we can have a room to ourselves." He winked.

Nicki blushed. "Sure, but don't you try nonthing." She pointed to him.

"Don't tempt me" he smirked.

"Don't worry, I won't." She winked as she cuddled with him, never letting go.

Nicki had to go back to her hotel to change when she heard a knock at her door.

"Come in!" She yelled.

Lauren beamed. "Heyy girl!"

Nicki looked up while tying her shoes. "Heyy Laur!"

Lauren looked in shock. "Oh god, your not Nicki nor Roman today. Your Onika." She smiled.

"Yeah I am, only for Drake." She winked.

"Aww girl, you got your boo now, finally!" She laughed.

"I know. I'm going to his concert tonight so im being comfortable." Nicki smiled.

"Thats good a good thing to do." Lauren hugged her.

Nicki exhaled happily. "Thanks Laur for everything."

Lauren patted her back. "Anytime Nika. I know love when I see it & you two are in love child." She snapped her fingers.

Nicki smiled. "I know."

Just then there was a knock at the door.

Lauren stopped her. "I'll get it."

She walked to the door as she opened it. There stood a tall black dude with curly dreads.

The man spoke nicely. "Delivery for Nicki"

Lauren smiled. "Oh ok, what's your name?"

He smiled. "CJ, Drake's friend & tell Nicki we are leaving in an hour."

Lauren smiled. "Will do, have a nice day."

She shut the door. "Nicki! You have a delivery waiting for you." She yelled.

Nicki came out the room beaming. "What is it?"

Lauren shrugged. "I don't know. Look inside."

Nicki looked inside the bag as she pulled out a pink short sleave t-shirt with "Mrs. OVO" in gold letters. She smiled.

There was a card inside. "Can't wait to see you tonight Mrs. OVO. With Love, Aubrey "

"Aww, I didn't know he would get it to me so fast." Nicki laughed.

"He's so cute." Lauren smiled.

"Yeah I know." Nicki said softly.

Drake, Nicki & his crew was in Detroit for the Club Paradise tour, as Drake was wrapping up his final song. Nicki stood along as she watched him from beside the curtains, smiling.

Drake yelled into the mic. "Detroit, make some mothafucking noise.! I go by the name of Drizzy mothafucking Drake! I hope you all enjoyed Club Paradise tonight. Drake looked at Nicki & smiled.

"Hold on, hold on, Detroit. I got one last suprise for you. Are you ready?!" He yelled.

"YEAH!" The crowd cheered.

He yelled with excitement. "Here to close out my show with me tonight, not perform, my baby tired & needs her rest for her own show. Detroit, make some mothafucking noise for my girl & my queen, Nicki Minaj!"

Nicki came out happily as she hugged Drake & pecked him on the lips. He gave her the mic as she yelled in it.

"Detroit, make some noise to my boy & my king Drake!"

The crowd cheered with excitement while chanting Dricki.

"Its been an honor to see Drake in action & can we all just say he shut this shit down tonight?! Drake like you killed it babe!" She looked at him & smiled, putting her hands on her hips.

"It's Drizzy baby!" He yelled.

Drake grabbed her hand as Nicki handed him the mic back.

"Detroit I truly enjoyed you tonight & me & Nicki would just like to say..." He smiled.

"Good night & take care!" They yelled together as they walked offstage hand in hand, crowd still going crazy.

Drake & Nicki was on the tour bus laying on the couch as she rubbed her fingers through his curly hair.

She smiled. "I love you Drake, I mean that."

Drake kissed her. "I love you too & I'll always mean it." He smiled as she cuddled with him & drifted off to sleep.

If you were following me on twitter, this is the oneshot I said that gave me LIFE. I truly enjoyed writing it & have many more on the way. DRICKI FOREVER! Comment please. :)


  1. Awwwwwwhhhhhh! I loved this so freaken much like they r to cute. I can't wait for more lol!:)

  2. This was cute! Awww they are like IN LOVE! Great chapter

  3. Dang. With Drake, Nicki might be getting some every night, *dies.* I hope they stay together to get mariied & have kids too :'). She's a G! That OVO shit go hard, ctfuuu. Nicki technically is... a mango, lol! Okay Nicki twerking! I see you boo! Lol. I knew she was what he wanted to eat! Drake is a freaking ninja getting that cute OVO shirt for her :'). He's so sweet <3.

    Mr. and Mrs. OVO , ahhhhhhhhhhh <3 cutest! Awwww :D.